Erin Monahan
Erin Monahan
starve toxic masculinity. interrupt white supremacy.

founder. co-conspirator. writer. speaker. facilitator. Climber.

I am focused on creating compassionate space for challenging discussions and personal breakthroughs in order to empower people to starve toxic masculinity and interrupt white supremacy in their own spheres of influence. I am committed to holding myself accountable as a colonizer on unceded land, as well as someone who takes up space as a benefactor of cis, hetero, white, able-bodied, thin, and neurotypical privilege. Constantly grappling with, and pushing back against, systems of oppression is what living in my humanity and showing up in my truth means to me. I hope my work encourages others to do the same. I am committed to embracing vulnerability and tension, both natural and necessary facets of creating cultural change.

I approach life with an equity-first mindset, always in an effort to evolve and to cause less harm, and in collaboration with others to create new habits of being, and ways of thinking. I encourage others to hold me accountable in person or online. I welcome my lessons and actively integrate them into my life.

 I live in Portland, Oregon, the traditional territory of the Chinook, Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Tualatin Kalapuya, and Molalla peoples where I write, organize workshops, climb, and interrogate/interrupt the construct of whiteness (how it shows up in me and our systems). I started the outdoor media company, Terra Incognita Media: a feminist response to the outdoor industry.

You can check out my writing on Medium.

You can also follow me on Instagram as I talk about my process of detaching from whiteness, record awkward, solo dance parties when I need a break from writing, overshare about my life in Portland, and expose brosumptuous bros @ErinKMonahan