Erin Monahan
Erin Monahan
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Equity advocate/facilitator/speaker

I focus on White supremacy culture, how it shows up, and how we can work to detach from it in ourselves, our organizations, and movements. Dismantling white supremacy will allow us to build authentic relationships that attend to everyone’s full humanity, and create equitable outcomes for all. I am dedicated to helping individuals, organizations, and businesses evolve to their fullest potential.

I offer:

  • 15 minute, 30 minute, and 60 minute consultations, for individuals looking for guidance with issues related to dismantling white supremacy and detaching from the commitment to whiteness.

  • Consultations for businesses and organizations.

  • You can also hire me for speaking engagements and workshops.

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I entered into social justice work thinking I needed to help and save the day. But the necessary shift has been realizing that this impulse to save and take on an active role was rooted in white saviorism. I realized the importance and necessity of sitting with myself, going inward, and communing with other white folx who have internalized superiority because of our white skin. It’s not either/or. We must take action too in order to build a world of equitable outcomes for all, but I had to question my idea of “action” and ultimately it’s not what I thought it was. Action is not glamorous and it doesn’t have a face or name on a billboard. It’s behind the scenes, it’s quiet. It’s rooted in humility, connection and support, instead of possession and control. Together, we can share strategies for how to build equity and inclusion into our lives, hold each other accountable, and maintain deep respect, care, and compassion for one another. Looking forward to connecting and building community with you.

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