Erin Monahan
Erin Monahan
starve toxic masculinity. interrupt white supremacy.

Detaching from the commitment to Whiteness

Cost: $168 ($28 per session)

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There are no prerequisites for this series except for your willingness to engage and be held accountable! If you are someone who feels that you don’t have it all figured out yet, welcome to the club. This is the space for you. This series is also for those who have been working on their internalized Whiteness and are looking to deepen their knowledge, awareness, and skills. Wherever you are at in your process, this series about healing from internalized whiteness is for you. Whether you are struggling with fragility and/or guilt, you need feedback on race-related issues in your personal life, or you are feeling stumped about how to create an authentically inclusive and anti-oppressive environment at your workplace, this is the space to work it out with a cohort. We will address the characteristics of white supremacy and how they show up in our inner lives, as well as everyday challenges we face in our commitment to doing this work. This series is experiential because every week there will be an opportunity to apply what we have learned.


1. Set a personalized goal and be held accountable with a supportive cohort

2. Work on your understanding of the characteristics of white supremacy, be able to identify how white supremacy shows up in your life, and learn how you can address and interrupt it

3. Check yourself in the midst of racist thinking or behaviors

4. Gain strategies and skills for grappling with white guilt

5. Walk away with a framework for further learning, deeper understanding of how to take action, more empathy for ourselves and others, a greater capacity for discomfort, a community that is invested in collective growth

This is not a lecture-based series. This is about engagement and communication that leads to action. Together we build a community-focused group in which we can support each other in our individual journeys, hold each other accountable, and continuously learn from one another. The cohort doesn’t stop after this course as we will be connected via a Facebook group. This is about connecting and building a community of people dedicated to detaching from whiteness. We can’t do this work alone.

This is a six week online course. You can be in any geographic location if you have access to a quiet place, computer, email address, and internet connection! Each session is 2 hours. Groups consist of 3-4 people max to allow for individualized attention, customized consultation, and deeper connections for all.

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