Erin Monahan
Erin Monahan
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Erin Monahan has been climbing for five years and has an extensive resume in sport and trad climbing. She has guided for KAF adventures and has previously been an indoor climbing gym instructor. Her climbing trajectory began in Moab, Utah and has taken her all across the western U.S. (occupied Turtle Island). Her favorite place to climb is a toss up between Indian Creek and Washington Pass. She can't wait to someday go to Squamish. Her climbing is heavily influenced by sitting zsa-zen as she practiced meditation under a Buddhist monk in college. She offers three classes: intro to outdoor climbing, intro to lead climbing, and mental training (her favorite!). Please email for questions or to schedule a lesson:


Learn the basics of climbing outside: learn how to top-rope climb, how to top-rope belay with an ATC and gri-gri, crag etiquette, reading a guide book, grades, judgment, assessing risk/hazards, proper gear, lingo.


Learn how to lead belay, lead climb, soft catches, custom and personal feedback, clipping technique, footwork, breathing, active resting, how to project, mind(less) tips for mentality in climbing.

Mental training

The mind is taken for granted in climbing. It plays a huge role in the process. Learn how to quiet your mind, sit in discomfort, accept what comes, get off the train of thought, let go of the clutter in your brain, and strengthen your mind like you would any other muscle.